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TV Head II

TV HEAD 2 Limited 150     Designed by ALIAS Colour: organic black Character:  super soft feel Material: 100 % Organic Cotton Print: 100% Water based Ink no PVC or Formaldehyde used Sweatshop Labour: 0 % Origin: Made in the E.U. TV Head is another classic from the first ALIAS collection. It is a great piece, it makes you think about your TV watching habits and what a brainiac you have become and how it would feel to read a book or how much time it would take to read one until you lean back and pick up that remote again. Berlin based ALIAS belongs to the few omnipresent street art artists who have managed to create a unique style. He had his first encounters with street art at the turn of the millennium while living in Hamburg. Since 2003 he lives in Berlin where he has developed his unique street art approach and became a protagonist of a very vital urban art scene.Check out our ALIAS Info and Interview / www.myspace.com/aliaslovesyou / . Größe: L, M, S, XL;

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